Child Support in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ child support lawyer

A person with custody of a child may be eligible to obtain child support in Arizona.  It is the law that a parent (or non-parent custodian) of the child has a legal duty to support his/her child.

The state of Arizona uses child support guidelines to help the Court determine the amount of child support.  Also, you may have questions regarding child support in Phoenix.  Therefore, consulting with an attorney at My AZ Family Law Lawyer can help you address concerns you might have.

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    It is the law in Arizona to provide for your children.  Often times a child support case is complex.  Our attorneys are trusted, experienced, and dedicated to winning.

    How much child support will be paid

  • Does visitation affect the child support amount?
  • How long the child receives support
  • What happens if my ex gets re-married?  Will this change the su
    pport amount?
  • How are school expenses paid for?
  • Claiming the child as a tax exemption
  • How will other expenses, such as sports, lessons, camps… be paid for?
  • Modifying the support amount after a judgment

For assistance with your child support case, call our law firm to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with an experienced Arizona Family Law attorney.  Our firm dedicate themselves to winning, provides exceptional representation, and offers finance options to make legal representation affordable.