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Asset Protection Lawyers in Arizona

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Protect Your Assets. More than half of all Arizona marriages end in divorce.

An experienced Arizona asset protection attorney can guide you through the ambiguities of asset protection, which can be an incredibly complex area of law.  Contact an AZ family law lawyer if you have questions or concerns about protecting your assets in a divorce. 

Attorneys Protecting Assets from Divorce

Divorce is a leading cause of asset distribution in Arizona. Our Arizona divorce attorneys will help you protect your assets in a divorce.  Thus, our asset protection attorneys will provide the protection for you when engaged in a divorce property battle in Arizona.

There is more to protecting your assets than merely trying to hide assets.  Many people who seek pre-divorce asset protection in Arizona do so when problems arise in the marriage or after divorce papers arrive. There are tools that can provide protection under this scenario. However,  it is best to act beforehand.  Asset protection can be way more successful when it is implemented prior to problems arising in the marriage.

Protecting your assets prior to getting married is the best method of asset protection to assure not losing your assets during a divorce.  Whether you do so beforehand or after the fact, having a divorce asset protection plan in place strengthens your hand when feuding over assets.   

One of the main points of contention in an Arizona divorce is in the separate vs. marital property argument.   It always best to be prepared going into a marriage as you never know how it may play out in the end.

Asset Protection Plans in Divorce

The United States files more law suits than the rest of the world combined. Americans are sue happy. Though the many law suits keep attorneys busy, they can be quite the headache for those who face losing assets in a divorce or lawsuit. You never can be sure how a judge or a jury will rule on a lawsuit.

The large number of lawsuits filed and increased divorce numbers are the main reasons why asset protection is such a rapidly growing area of the law. Nearly half of all marriages in the United States and nearly 70% of all marriages in Maricopa county end in divorce. Additionally, quite often second marriages and blended families can create complicated asset protection scenarios.

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