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Recently in Arizona family courts, there has been a “Fathers’ Rights Movement”, in which more people are starting to realize that fathers have the same parental rights as mothers.  And that a father’s rights should never be compromised during a family law matter, such as a child custody dispute.  As the “Fathers’ Rights Movement” becomes more and more accepted, the Arizona family law courts are starting to reward child custody and child support payments to fathers, as family law courts (along with the rest of Arizona) are aware that a father is just as important in a child’s life as a mother.


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For this reason, anytime fathers are going through family law matters, they should not make assumptions that all is lost.  In fact, fathers have numerous resources and legal options at their disposal.  The key to taking advantage of these legal options is working with an experienced Glendale family law attorney who firmly believes in fathers’ rights.

Concerning Family Law matters, Arizona Family Law expert representation is a must.  My AZ Family Law Lawyers are trusted, experienced, and dedicated to winning.  Our firm has helped clients in Glendale achieve successful outcomes in their family law cases.  Furthermore, our team provides communication, information, and the experience necessary to expertly represent  father’s rights cases

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