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Establishing legal fatherhood and the rights and duties that accompany it is known as paternity.  There can be a difference between a biological father and a legal father.  When a child is born, the mother’s name automatically appears on the birth certificate.  If she is married, her husband is assumed to be the baby’s father.  If the parents are not married, it is important for the mother, for the father, and above all for the child, to establish paternity.

Our Arizona paternity lawyers assist both women and men in a broad range of paternity matters, including filing paternity lawsuits and defending against paternity actions.  With law offices in Arizona, we represent clients in Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale Grove and throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Establishing a Child’s Rights, Finding the Truth

Do you need to verify whether a child is yours?  Do you currently have a child with someone you are not married?  Did you sign a Recognition of Parentage (ROP) at your child’s birth but don’t understand what that means?  Our experienced paternity lawyers can answer all of your questions regarding paternity and child rights in Arizona.

When a child is in a “non-traditional” situation, many questions can pop up, including:  If you are the father of a child, do you want to become involved with the parenting of that child?  What are your rights as a Father?  If you are the mother, what kind of parenting time and custody arrangement do you want the father to have?  What exactly are your rights as a Mother?  If you are the grandparents, how do you stay connected with your grandchild?  What are your rights as a grandparent?