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    Divorce Matters Handled By Our Family Lawyers Serving Scottsdale, AZ

    If you are looking for a family law or divorce attorney in Scottsdale, you have come to the right place! AZ Family Law Lawyers is a team of licensed, experienced attorneys who are ready to assist you in mediation, negotiation, divorce settlements, child support, and more. No matter how complex or emotional your situation may be, we are here for you.

    Fighting for child support

    Professional Law Firm For Contested & Uncontested Divorce Cases

    Whether both spouses agree or a judge must make the final decision, our Scottsdale family law firm will make sure the process is smooth.

    Marriage Annulment Lawyers In Scottsdale

    Legal Counseling & Representation For Marriage Annulment Processes In Scottsdale

    We can help you file a complaint for annulment in Scottsdale, and make sure the proper requirements and filings are completed.

    Child Support, Alimony, And Prenup Agreement Attorneys

    Skilled Attorneys For Child Support, Alimony & Prenup Agreement Enforcement

    Let our Scottsdale child support lawyers offer guidance regarding prenuptials, alimony payments, child support, and division of parental responsibility through skilled mediation.

    Family Lawyers Specialised In Divorce Proceedings Involving Estate Planning And Bankruptcy

    Family Law Firm Specializing In Divorces Involving Estate Planning & Bankruptcy

    If you are considering filing for bankruptcy and divorce at the same time, consult with our Scottsdale divorce attorneys for guidance first.

    Divorce Lawyers Helping Clients With Business And Property Settlement Agreements

    Legal Counseling For Business And Property Settlement Agreements After Divorce

    Navigating the division of property and business after a divorce can be complicated and frustrating. AZ Family Law Lawyers can help!

    Divorce Mediation And Legal Separation Lawyers

    Family Lawyers Experienced In Divorce Mediation & Legal Separation Processes

    Learn more about the legal separation and mediation process with a free consultation at AZ Family Law Lawyers. We are on your side!

    Our Clients’ Testimonials

    Defend Your Rights & Assets With Our Family Lawyers Near Scottsdale

    Scottsdale Family Lawyers With 5-Star Rated Reviews On Facebook
    Scottsdale Family Lawyers With 5-Star Rated Reviews On Google
    Scottsdale Family Lawyers With 5-Star Rated Reviews On Yelp

    Thank you so much for your help! AZ Family Law Lawyers helped me solve my child support and alimony case. They were all friendly and quick to answer all my questions. Thank you, everyone!

    K.D. ★★★★★

    I was so stressed when I came across this law firm. Not only going through a nasty divorce, but going through a terrible financial situation as well had me on edge and extremely stressed. Not only did they help me calm down, but they help me understand the process and what my best course of action was, solving my case faster than I thought was possible. I will recommend them to everyone!

    J.L. ★★★★★

    It was a real pleasure working with a quality law firm that will treat you like a human being with real thoughts and feelings and not like another number. Everyone from the lady at the front office to the top lawyers was extremely caring and always there for me. Thank you!

    J.M. ★★★★★

    Requirements For Divorce Filings

    How To File A Petition For Marriage Dissolution In AZ

    The first step to filing for divorce is to complete and file the paperwork. Forms will be served to the other spouse, proof of service must be provided, and the appropriate proceedings must be followed to finalize the divorce in an efficient manner. Working with an experienced Scottsdale divorce attorney will ensure no steps are missed or done incorrectly.

    Family Lawyer In Scottsdale Explaining The Marriage Dissolution Process
    1. Filling Out Divorce Papers & Filing For Divorce
    2. Serving Papers To Your Ex Spouse
    3. Negotiating Property Division, Child Custody & Support And Alimony
    4. Requesting Temporary & Protective Orders If Necessary
    5. Preparing For Your Resolution Management Conference
    6. Attending Alternative Dispute Resolution
    7. Prepare Joint Pre-trial Statement & Trial Exhibits
    8. Attending Trial & Argue The Points Made In Your Petition

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    On Your Family Law Case

    Why Choose Our Divorce & Marriage Annulment Attorneys

    Protect Your Assets In Family Court With Reliable Divorce Lawyers

    Our dedicated lawyers can help you total the value of your personal assets and provide thorough protection of those assets throughout the divorce proceedings.

    Affordable Payment Plans & Options For Your Divorce Case

    We know divorce causes a total upheaval to your life, so we offer a variety of payment plans so you never have to deal with financial stress.

    Reliable Divorce Attorneys Serving Scottsdale Residents

    Seeking the assistance of an experienced Scottsdale family law lawyer will have a direct impact on the successful outcome of your divorce.

    Family Lawyers Specializing In Child Custody & Asset Divisions Near You

    With precious time with your children on the line, along with the right to make pertinent decisions about their care, you deserve to be represented by the best.

    Highly Qualified Divorce & Marriage Annulment Attorneys

    With decades of experience, AZ Family Law Lawyers is equipped and ready to guide you through the complex divorce and marriage annulment processes.

    Years Of Experience In Family Law & Divorce Cases

    We offer competitive hourly rates and affordable payment plan options to our clients, so request a free consultation with our legal team today!

    Property Division & Child Support Lawyers

    Our Scottsdale property division attorneys make sure each party gets their deserved share of property, child support, custody, and more.

    Why Should I Hire A Lawyer If I’m Using A Divorce Mediator?

    A Family Lawyer Can Help In The Mediation Process

    Mediators Are Only A Neutral Party Between You & Your Spouse

    During a divorce process, a Scottsdale divorce mediator is a neutral third party attempting to help each person understand the other party’s perspective, and to reach a solution about various issues . They do not entertain conversation about who is right and who is wrong, but strive to reach agreement on the main issues so the divorce can proceed without interruption.

    Our Family Lawyers Will Defend & Argue In Your Divorce Case

    While mediators strive to reach agreement between parties, a family law attorney focuses more closely on issues like custody agreements, prenuptials, child support, adoption, wills, and more. They take a more direct approach for situations where mediation is not effective, and can represent your rights in a court setting. Family lawyers have a strong knowledge of Scottsdale family law.

    Family Lawyers Providing Legal Guidance In Divorce Cases
    Our Scottsdale Lawyers Can Represent You In A Divorce Court

    Mediators Don’t Have Formal Training To Represent You In Court

    Another advantage of being represented by a Scottsdale family attorney is the ability to be presented in court. If mediation is not an effective path, an experienced attorney will be able to walk with you in finding a solution and reaching an agreement through a judge. AZ Family Law Lawyers is an excellent resource.

    Our Divorce Attorneys Are Qualified To Defend Your Rights In Court

    Our Scottsdale family lawyers are highly experienced in guiding spouses and families through the separation, annulment, and divorce process. We recognize that each case is unique and requires an individualized plan as we provide quality, cost-effective representation. Let us help you find success and take back control of your life! Begin today with a totally free case consultation.

    Qualified Divorce Attorneys In Scottsdale


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    FAQs About Divorce Processes

    How Long Can A Marriage Annulment Process Take?

    Each case is completely unique with various factors to be considered throughout the annulment process. The entire process can take anywhere from 6 months to 4 years depending on how easily both parties can agree on various issues. A family lawyer will help you sort through issues such as child custody, child support, alimony, and more.

    How Will Your Divorce Lawyers Enforce Child Support & Alimony?

    Typically, most alimony orders have a duration time of 30%-50% of the marriage duration. For example, if a marriage was intact for 12 months, it may result in 4-6 months of alimony and spousal maintenance. There are opportunities for permanent alimony, but they are reserved for very extreme cases. Consult with your lawyer to learn more.

    Can I File Divorce In Arizona If I Got Married In Another State?

    Yes. The law requires at least one of the spouses to be an Arizona resident for 90 days before they can file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in Arizona. Regardless of where you were married, you have the opportunity to file for divorce in another state. It is also not required for your spouse to be in Arizona in order to file for divorce.

    Can My Spouse Disagree To A Petition For Marriage Dissolution?

    Yes. If there are items in the divorce petition that your spouse does not agree on, they have the option to file a Disagreeing Response, making it a contested divorce. Or, they can spend time with a mediator attempting to resolve the disputes with you. In either case, there is a 20-30 day deadline to reach a decision.

    What’s The Difference Between Contested & Uncontested Divorce?

    In an uncontested divorce, the couple is able to reach agreement on the major issues before a trial occurs, often with the help of a mediator. If there are a variety of significant issues the couple can not agree on, it is a contested divorce and typically takes more time, energy, and financial investment to resolve.

    Will I Have To Pay For My Spouse’s Attorney Fees?

    In most cases, each spouse is responsible for paying their own legal fees and attorney fees. In some situations, the spouse with less means and resources and inability to afford an attorney can appeal to the courts to have the other spouse assume most or all of the financial burden. Working with an attorney will ensure a positive outcome in this case.

    How Does Adultery Impact A Divorce Process In Arizona?

    While adultery is a strong contributing factor to the annulment of many marriages, it is not actually legal grounds for divorce in Arizona. Neither spouse is required to prove blame or responsibility for the end of the marriage. Adultery is also not a reason for requiring alimony or child support.

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