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Dedicated Exceptional Legal Service for Divorce

Finding a divorce attorney that is not only very knowledgeable in Arizona divorce and family law but also makes you feel comfortable with your family law legal matters, is a priority to many residents in Arizona.  Many clients seeking legal representation for family law matters trust the professional staff and divorce lawyers at AZ Family Law Lawyers. Specifically, they trust AZ Family Law Lawyers with child custody, child visitation, divorce, spousal support, or child support.

When an unfortunate event happens to your family, it requires an experienced legal team and expert in the family law practice area. This will also help to ensure proper representation for your family and your future.  Additionally, our law firm values the client-attorney relationship.  Our team dedicates themselves to providing the legal services that you require to achieve the best possible outcome for each case.  Plus, each attorney practicing family law at AZ Family Law Lawyers will listen to the needs of each client.  Our divorce lawyers will immediately start preparing a business relationship that will result in a successful experience.

To effectively provide the best family law legal service in Arizona, our attorneys advocate for the rights of our clients.  It is about listening to the concerns of our clients. While always working to handle our cases with the client’s best interests in mind.  The priority of our legal team is to provide the best family law representation in Arizona.

Our Arizona Divorce Lawyers Commitment to Excellence

Our divorce lawyers’ focus is on providing affordable, expert legal help to Arizona. Hence, it is a difficult decision to choose the attorney or law firm best suited for your legal and personal needs. AZ Family Law Lawyers has a reputation for offering the best legal representation.  We are also known for giving reasonable and honest legal advice.

It is one thing to want to hire an attorney who will fight on your behalf who is very experienced and very knowledgeable in Arizona family law. It is another to find an attorney who will be aggressive in the legal arena, and effective when and where you need it. Our Arizona family law firm has lawyers who can best serve your interests because they know the courts. Our family team knows the law, and they know the Arizona family law legal system and processes.

Helping our clients understand the family law legal process is part of our commitment to excellence. In serving Arizona residents, we believe that each case is unique. Although it may be a typical legal issue, every client has special circumstances that they believe are important. As a result, our Arizona divorce lawyers understand that productive representation requires our team. A team that treats each case with the highest importance and regard to individual case needs.

Ever motivated by a dedication to client satisfaction and a reputation for winning, AZ Family Law Lawyers’ expert associates help solve legal problems. When it concerns family, it is imperative to hire an attorney who can help you make some difficult decisions. Sometimes family legal matters are very sensitive, sometimes heated.  Allow our attorneys to handle the legal issues so you can focus on what you value.

Our Arizona Divorce Lawyers Can Help You with the Following Divorce Issues:

Parenting Time and Child Custody:  Our Arizona Family Law Attorneys can assist you in developing a parenting plan to meet your specific needs.  We will work to get you the best solution to your child custody needs.

Establishing Child Support: Our Arizona Family Law Experts will review any proposed child support calculation.  We will ensure it complies with the Arizona support guidelines.  And, that it fairly considers all relevant income from both parents.  We will also make sure that you are getting all of the child support that you have come to you.

Division of Marital Property: Our Arizona Family Attorneys will help you equitably divide the debts and assets from your marriage.  Our divorce lawyers will be diligent to make sure that all property is included and fairly divided.  This includes real property, personal property, investments, retirement accounts, and business property.

Establishing Spousal Support: Our experienced family law attorneys will work with you to determine support.  Whether you have spousal support coming to you or if you may have to pay alimony to your spouse our lawyers are here to assist.  If spousal support is appropriate, we will work to assure that it meets the standards of Arizona.  For example, the amount, type, and duration of payments.

Reasons Why Divorce Happens

It seems like we are constantly hearing about a celebrity split on entertainment news. Or you see on social media that a couple you know is getting a divorce.  It seems like separation and divorce are more common than ever.  Many marriages experience disruptions, and despite couples trying to fix the relationship, sometimes the experience just comes to an end.

At times, a separation or split in the marriage can be resolved when a couple feels they can count on each other for support and understanding.  Other times, however, couples attack and come out of their corners with their dukes up, treating each other with suspicion and defensive contempt. 

Whether a divorce is mutual, or whether it is a real battle, our divorce attorneys will advocate your side and protect your rights. If it is in your best interest to complete a divorce promptly, then our family attorneys will do just that. Also, if it takes longer to achieve a successful outcome, our divorce attorneys are prepared to do whatever we can to provide the best legal divorce representation.

Reasons Couples Divorce in Arizona

There are some common reasons that once blissfully married couples find themselves wanting to separate.  Subsequently, Arizona is no exception to these typical causes of divorce throughout the state.  

Infidelity:  A physical or emotional affair is one of the main causes of divorce.  Perhaps in the age of social media, it is easier than ever to connect with someone or cause curiosity and jealous behaviors.  Cheating is one of the most difficult betrayals for a marriage to overcome.  It is one of the main causes of divorce because trust is ruined.  It is painful for an already weak relationship, and it is devastating for a happy couple. 

Money: It can cause problems in a marriage that leads to divorce.  The lack of money, or living in poverty is stressful.  Stress caused by money-related financial problems leads to fighting and differences that can be too difficult to fix.  Also, how one person in the relationship spends money can be difficult to stress on the marriage.  Issues in relation to money that arise in a marriage are sometimes a deal-breaker in a marriage. 

Addictions: Another reason for the collapse of some relationships is addictions.  Often revealed as a reason for divorce, an addiction can devastate a union and destroy a family.  Addictions range from alcohol or drug addictions, work addictions or sex addictions.  Whatever the addiction, a partner loses focus of his/her top priorities.  Additionally, addiction overtakes a relationship to the point of no return if the couple is unwilling to work through it, or if the addiction is too out of control, a divorce may be imminent. 

reasons why marriages fail infographic

Extraordinary situations sometimes cause marriages to fail

Extraordinary situations referring to extra stressful experiences that a couple endures that is too much for the relationship to bear.  The death of a child, for example, sickness, or the pain of some kind of loss or trauma that strains the marriage.  It is possible for a marriage to become stronger after a life-changing experience; however, it is often a cause of divorce. 

When a couple decides to get married, then discovers they are incompatible with each other, a split may be in their future.  Sometimes a couple jumps right into marriage thinking that it is a good idea when they have never had discussions surrounding religion, family, children, money, values, or lifestyle.  Not being on the same page on the big things or if one spouse changes significantly during the course of the marriage may lead to discussions on separation. 

Finally, some couples experience differences they cannot reconcile no matter how they try. Too many fights, hostility, too many problems, broken down communication —-too many problems that cannot be worked out, even with counseling and professional help —- can lead to a divorce.

If you are contemplating divorce, or your partner initiates a divorce, please contact our expert divorce attorneys for answers.  Sometimes it comes out of nowhere and you are blindsided by a split. Don’t let your emotions cloud your best judgments and allow you to lose your focus and undermine your rights.  Other times, a couple has been on a path leading towards divorce, and it was just a matter of time until it was made official.  Either way, you need to understand the Arizona divorce law and be well represented. 

Looking to file for divorce in Arizona? 

 A court of law is the only way in which one can obtain a divorce decree, dissolution, legal separation, nullity, or other forms of terminating a marriage.  Other than the termination of the marital estate, the court also has jurisdiction to resolve other issues that are intertwined in the existing marriage which include, but are not limited to: Arizona child custody and visitation rights, division of property of the marital estate, Arizona spousal support, child support, restraining orders, etc.

Our Arizona Divorce Lawyers have helped numerous clients in Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa, and throughout Arizona with messy and hotly contested divorces.  We have aggressive attorneys that fight for you.  Our AZ divorce attorneys and staff ensure that you are not bullied by the other side.  If you are going through a divorce in Arizona, it is extremely important that you have an experienced Arizona Divorce Attorney on your side.  Our expert Phoenix Arizona family law firm and its lawyers will give you the peace of mind you are looking for in such a difficult situation.

Arizona Family Law – Divorce Law Firm

When hiring an attorney to protect your legal rights and those of your family, there are several things you need to consider.  First, you need to determine the need to hire an attorney who is experienced enough to meet your expectations.  Thus, practicing law effectively means having practical experience in all parts of the legal process.  This means you need a lawyer who can navigate settlements, represent in a trial or bench trial at any level.  Also, a lawyer who has years of experience representing clients in litigation matters.

AZ Family Law Lawyers Lawyers offers exceptional legal service because of the years of experience that our attorneys have successfully representing residents Arizona. AZ Family Law Lawyers is in the business of providing family law representation.

In order to be the best, our firm takes pride in having divorce attorneys with favorable reputations.  Our lawyers are professional and trustworthy.  We are a team that uses effective communication with clients in order to get to a favorable resolution of a case.

AZ Family Law Lawyers Divorce Attorney

Our Divorce Experience Matters

From our experiences serving clients in Arizona, we understand that an attorney who is readily available is important.  Because family law cases sometimes involve situations that require immediate legal attention, having an attorney who is easily accessible is important.  Be confident that My AZ Lawyers will make your case a priority and take the seriousness of your legal assistance seriously. 

If you are considering hiring an attorney for your family law legal issue, you obviously feel that your matter is important.  You cannot afford to leave your case to any law firm.  You need the best.  My AZ Lawyers is staffed with qualified and experienced attorneys who will effectively represent your case.  Including a support staff that will help you accomplish your legal goals. Our skilled team of professionals each plays a role in helping you feel comfortable navigating the legal process and procedures from beginning to end. 

When you need an attorney to offer advice for a life event that requires a legal response, call My AZ Lawyers.  Sometimes it is necessary to reach out to an attorney to help with a legal problem. For this, we offer a FREE CASE EVALUATION and CONSULTATION.  Contact our law firm for a no-hassle, and no-obligation visit.  A consultation with an attorney who can offer some answers and options to your concerns.  Trusted lawyers who invest in each client and understand the importance of quality service sets our law firm apart from other similar offices in Arizona.

Divorce in Arizona

What outcome do you seek?  Have you determined your priorities as you seek a resolution for your divorce?  Schedule a free consultation do discuss your concerns and to ask questions.  An attorney can give you options and some honest feedback to your legal family law issues.  The free case evaluation is a no obligation conversation that you can do over the phone or in office.

Most clients facing a divorce don’t know until they speak to an attorney what they are entitled.  Nor do clients know what to expect from the divorce process in Arizona.  Sometimes we take consultations from Arizona residents who are scared.  Residents who just need to talk through their divorce with a professional.  A professional who can help them focus on what is important and separate emotions from important legal matters. 

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Talk with an Arizona Divorce Lawyer Regarding your Divorce

If you are considering a separation, talk to an experienced attorney can help you understand your options.  For experienced legal representation in Maricopa, Pima, or Pinal County and the surrounding communities, Contact our Arizona Family Law Firm to set up a confidential consultation.