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Affordable Arizona Family Law Attorney in Casa Grande, Arizona

Most Trusted Casa Grande Family Law Attorneys

Family Law Attorneys For Prenup Agreements And Divorce Procedures In Casa Grande, AZ

When it comes to family matters, clients in Casa Grande, Arizona trust My AZ Family Law Lawyers. It’s essential to choose an attorney that you not only feel comfortable with handling your case, who is experienced in dealing with Arizona family law. Our attorneys know the law, we know the courts, we know the process, and we know what it takes to get the best possible outcome for your case. It is important to us that you have comprehensive knowledge regarding your family law dispute. We will provide legal options and advice while keeping your best interests at the forefront.


Best-Rated Family Law Attorneys Who Handle Various Divorce Matters in Casa Grande

Our trusted Casa Grande family law attorneys have experience handling all types of family law matters. Whether you’re facing legal separation, divorce, or annulment, or need guidance through child custody disputes, alimony, or another family law issue, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation as we guide you through the process. Call our firm today to schedule your free consultation!

Experienced Family Attorneys For Contested And Uncontested Divorces In Casa Grande

Family Law Firm with an Extensive Experience Handling Contested & Uncontested Divorces

In some divorces, spouses agree on key terms, such as child custody and division of assets. Contested divorces require more negotiation and time to navigate the complex issues that can arise.

Lawyer Providing Legal Representation For Marriage Annulments In Casa Grande

Reliable Lawyers Providing Trusted Representation for Marriage Annulment Procedures in Casa Grande

Annulments can be challenging as each party gathers evidence to support their side of the case. With Arizona Family Law Lawyers at your side, you can go through negotiation or court with confidence.

Skilled Lawyers For Child Support, Alimony, And Prenup Agreement Enforcement

Highly Skilled Attorneys Specializing in Enforcing Child Support, Alimony & Prenuptial Agreement Matters

Making child support and alimony agreements is often one of the most difficult parts of any divorce, but our experienced Casa Grande family law attorneys are ready to assist you and provide representation.

Attorneys Providing Legal Services for Divorce Cases Involving Estate Planning and Bankruptcy In Casa Grande

Extensive Legal Services for Divorce Cases Involving Estate Planning & Bankruptcy

All divorces are complicated, but even more so when one or both parties is currently going through bankruptcy or when the settlement will affect estate planning arrangements. We can help navigate these situations!

Business And Property Settlement Agreements After Divorce Proceedings In Casa Grande

Resolving Business & Property Settlement Agreements in the Aftermath of Divorce

After a divorce, parties may still need to determine how business agreements or arrangements will work. Our experienced Casa Grande divorce lawyers can provide professional negotiation and assistance.

Family Lawyer Helping With Divorce Mediation And Legal Separation In Casa Grande

Experienced Family Attorneys Specializing in Divorce Mediation & Legal Separation Proceedings

If you’re wondering whether you should choose legal separation or divorce, schedule your free consultation with Arizona Family Law Lawyers to discuss your situation and learn about your legal options.

Expert Divorce Attorneys Providing Services in Casa Grande, Arizona

AZ Family Law Lawyers Office For Divorce, Domestic Violence, And Family Procedures

Reliable Divorce Lawyers Offering Professional Legal Counsel Near You

Experienced legal counsel can make all the difference in the outcome of your divorce, especially when it comes to ensuring that your rights and interests are protected or that your children’s best interests are upheld. That’s why you need representation and guidance from one of Arizona’s leading divorce lawyers at Arizona Family Law Lawyers. We are dedicated to fighting for your rights and providing trusted legal advice from start to finish.

Dealing with a Challenging Spouse During the Divorce Process

Although all divorces are complicated and often messy, dealing with a difficult spouse can make an already stressful time even harder. Our Casa Grande divorce attorneys have experience working through negotiation, mediation, and the court process when one spouse is especially challenging to work with, refuses to compromise, and is unwilling to negotiate. In these situations, having trusted legal representation on your side is especially important for a good outcome.

Family Lawyers Providing Legal Counseling For Difficult Divorce Proceedings

Divorcing a Narcissistic Spouse in Casa Grande

Narcissistic spouses can make marriage miserable and divorce even more sticky. Narcissistic individuals are extremely self-focused, have a victim mentality, hold an excessive disregard for the feelings of others, and carry an intense sense of entitlement. These attributes can make divorce proceedings especially challenging for everyone involved.

The Casa Grande family law lawyers at Arizona Family Law Lawyers have experience dealing with narcissistic spouses and are ready to provide no-nonsense representation on your behalf as we fight to protect your rights, assets, and interests. Call our firm now to schedule your free, confidential consultation, learn more about our process, and to discuss your legal options. We are confident that we can help!

Lawyer Helping With Divorce Filing Process In Casa Grande, AZ
Lawyers Reaching An Agreement For A Family Procedure

Understanding the Divorce Filing Process in Casa Grande, Arizona

In Arizona, all that is needed to initiate divorce is the sincere belief that the marriage is over. Meeting with your Casa Grande divorce attorney to discuss your situation before filing for divorce can be essential to promoting a positive outcome. We can review your situation and help you prepare for divorce financially, emotionally, and logistically. Let us set you up for success as we prepare documentation, serve divorce papers, and guide you through the process from start to finish.

Our Clients’ Testimonials

Casa Grande Family Attorneys With 5-Star Rated Reviews

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I can’t find fair enough words to describe my experience with KJ and Bryce handling my case. I can confidently say that they are an exceptional attorneys. They are professional, responsive, communicative, responsible, dedicated and they are legitimately invested in the successful outcome of your case. I was thoroughly impressed and beyond satisfied with the results. If I find my friends or myself in need of legal assistance in the future I’m going wherever they are.

S.F. ★★★★★

I highly recommend this law firm. Bryce was the attorney that handled my DUI case. He handled everything for me and explained things to where I could easily and fully understand. Bryce was very professional and helpful. Everyone I spoke with over the phone was helpful and friendly as well. The billing process was simple and affordable.

E.R. ★★★★★

Everyone we have worked with at My AZ Lawyers, from the initial contact to discuss the process, to filling out the necessary forms, and the filing, have been wonderful. They all took the time to answer any questions we had, they have been very responsive via phone and e-mail. One of the best things about them, besides their legal expertise, is their affordable payment plan. We would highly recommend My AZ Lawyers to our friends and family.

M.F. ★★★★★
Handshake With A Family And Divorce Attorney

Experienced Law Firm Specializing in Family Law Matters

Explore the Benefits of Retaining a Dedicated Family Law Attorney in Casa Grande

When it comes to protecting your family, securing your future, and holding on to your assets, it pays to work with a skilled Casa Grande family law lawyer who understand how to use the law and divorce process to your advantage. No matter what family law situation you are facing, our team of experienced attorneys is ready to help.

Our firm is one of the highest rated family law firms in Casa Grande and is dedicated to providing you with trusted legal guidance, skilled negotiation, and experienced representation throughout the entire legal process. Call Arizona Family Law Lawyers today to schedule your consultation and to discuss your legal options!



The Legal Issues Surrounding Child Custody Can Be Complex & Challenging

Key Factors Assessed By Family Court Lawyers In Arizona During Custody Battles

Which Aspects Does The Court Take Into Account When Making Child Custody Determinations In Arizona?

Most parents are more fearful about child custody issues than any other part of the divorce process. Our Casa Grande child custody lawyers will help you understand what to expect at each stage of the process, fight for your rights, and protect the best interests of your children. Whether it’s split custody or protecting your children from an abusive parent, we will fight aggressively for you and be by your side every step of the way.

Stressed Child Suffering The Consecuences Of A Difficult Divorce In Casa Grande, AZ
Woman Taking Off Her Wedding Ring
The Court Will Consider A Variety Of Factors When Deciding What’s In The Child’s Best Interests, Including:

  • The child’s preference, depending on their age and reasoning
  • What disruptions might occur in the child’s education or life
  • Which parent is currently responsible for care
  • Each parents’ living situation, income, and desire to parent
  • The child’s relationship with each parent and others in the home
  • Whether one parent has made false statements about the other parent
  • Domestic violence, abuse allegations, and criminal history

Requirements to File a Divorce in Arizona

Steps to File a Petition for Marriage Dissolution

irreconcilable differences with the other spouse in order to file for divorce. For some spouses, this can be relieving because it means there is no need to wait for cheating, abuse, domestic violence, or incarceration in order to initiate a divorce. Consult with your Casa Grande divorce lawyer to learn more about the ideal time to file and for guidance with the initial documentation.

Attorney Explaining The Requirements Needed To File A Divorce For Domestic Violence In Casa Grande, AZ
  1. Filling Out Divorce Papers & Filing For Divorce
  2. Serving Papers To Your Ex Spouse
  3. Negotiating Property Division, Child Custody & Support And Alimony
  4. Requesting Temporary & Protective Orders If Necessary
  5. Preparing For Your Resolution Management Conference
  6. Attending Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  7. Prepare Joint Pre-trial Statement & Trial Exhibits
  8. Attending Trial & Argue The Points Made In Your Petition

Contact Our Firm To Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation With An Arizona Family Law Attorney

Benefits Of Hiring Our Attorneys For Marriage Annulment & Divorce Cases

Flexible & Affordable Payment Plans Available For Your Divorce Case

For most families, divorce is a stressful time with financial challenges and an unknown future. That’s why we offer flexible, affordable payment plans for our clients, and don’t require any upfront payment to get started.

Expert Family Law Attorneys Specializing In Child Custody & Asset Division Matters

Hot issues, such as child custody and visitation, or division of assets, can complicate and delay many divorce proceedings. Our Casa Grande child custody lawyers are expert negotiators and ready to fight for you.

Extensive Years Of Experience Handling Family Law & Divorce Cases

Protect your interests and your children with a Casa Grande family law lawyer who has extensive experience handling family law cases of all types. We are ready to put our knowledge to work on your behalf.

Our Experienced Divorce Lawyers Will Fight For Your Rights & Protect Your Assets In Family Court

In family court, you need an experienced Casa Grande family law attorney who will fight aggressively for your rights and work to protect your interests and assets. You can rely on Arizona Family Law Lawyers!

Trustworthy & Experienced Divorce Lawyers Serving Casa Grande, AZ

Get the experienced, trusted legal representation you need for a successful resolution of your divorce case. No  matter what extenuating circumstance you are facing, we can handle it with professionalism.

Proficient Marriage Annulment & Divorce Attorneys Near You

Work with Arizona’s leading family law lawyers who comprehensively understand the law and how it applies to your situation. We will build a strong case in your defense and protect what is most important to you.

Property Division & Child Support Lawyers In Your Area

Don’t try to negotiate these crucial issues without support from a trusted Casa Grande child custody lawyer! Our professional team will negotiate on your behalf to secure your future while protecting your family and assets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law

How Does Infidelity Impact A Divorce Or Family Law Case?

Arizona is a no-fault divorce state, which means that one party only needs to believe the marriage is over in order to file for divorce. This can be a relief to many spouses, because you won’t need to wait for criminal conviction, domestic violence, proof of abuse, financial neglect, narcissistic behavior, or cheating before you can file for divorce. However, it also means that infidelity or cheating will have little impact on your divorce proceedings or child custody arrangements, unless there is an aggravating element, such as a relationship with a minor or incest.

What Is The Distinction Between Divorce & Legal Separation?

Divorce and legal separation are similar in process and cost, but have different outcomes. With divorce, both the marriage is terminated and both parties are free to live their separate lives and remarry if they choose. Legal separation means that both parties are legally separated, but they are not able to marry again. In both cases, the spouses will need to reach agreements on child custody, visitation, division of assets, living situations, and other key issues. Legal separation can be a good option for families who cannot afford to divorce, are not sure they want to divorce, or have religious objections to divorce. Your Casa Grande divorce lawyer can help you determine which might be best for you.

How Are Assets Divided In A Divorce?

Generally speaking, assets are divided equally between the two spouses. This includes their home, vehicles, shares, investments, business ownership, bank accounts, savings, and other valuables. Property that was owned by one spouse prior to the marriage is typically exempt from division and remains the property of that individual. Patents, businesses that rely on the other spouse’s name, and other assets may require additional negotiation.

What Do You Need To Begin The Divorce Process?

Irreconcilable differences is all that is needed in order to initiate the divorce process in Arizona, which is a no-fault divorce state. Consulting with your Casa Grande divorce attorney before filing for divorce is always a good idea. Choosing when to time your divorce filing can have implications for financial arrangements, child custody arrangements, and more. Your attorney is ready to help you begin the process and guide you through what steps can promote a more positive outcome of your case.

How Does The Court Establish Child Support In Casa Grande Divorce Cases?

In most cases, the court wants both parents to be involved in their children’s lives, but many factors will be taken into consideration when it comes to determining custody and child support. Legal custody, which is decision making authority, and physical custody, which includes visitation rights, may be divided between parents or primarily awarded to one parent. The court will consider many factors in determining what is best for the child, such as their relationship with each parent, the financial and living situation of each parent, the child’s preference, implications for their education and activities, disruption in the child’s life, logistics, and much more

What Are The Consequences Of Failing To Pay Court-Ordered Child Support?

When a parent refuses to pay court-ordered child support for at least 30 days, the other parent can file a petition of contempt, which will initiate a process that forces the payment. The parent who files must be able to demonstrate that the other parent had the means to pay and chose not to do so. Ongoing failure to pay child support as ordered by the court can be prosecuted as a class 6 felony and may result in bank account seizure, wage garnishment, liens, arrears, loss of professional licensure or driver’s licensure, and other consequences.

What Are The Differences Between Contested And Uncontested Divorce?

In an uncontested divorce, both parties are in agreement on key issues, such as division of assets and child custody. These divorces can frequently be finalized in as little as 60 days. Contested divorces can take months or longer to be finalized, as both parties must attend mediation or go to court to determine the terms of the divorce. However, contesting a divorce can be beneficial for yourself or your children in the long run. Your Casa Grande divorce lawyer can help you determine how to respond if you’ve been served with divorce papers.

What Does Consent Decree Of Dissolution Of Marriage Means?

This refers to the final decree of divorce, which is signed by a judge and legally terminates your marriage. Included with this decree are the terms of your divorce, which include how you will be dividing your assets and property, court-ordered child support, child custody arrangements, alimony, and other terms. Schedule your free consultation with Casa Grande’s leading divorce lawyer to learn more about the divorce process.

What Can I Expect From My Arizona Lawyers?

Our firm is dedicated to providing high quality legal representation to families who are facing family law disputes, including divorce, child custody arrangements, failure to pay child support, and annulment. We treat each client with respect and care as we develop a personalized approach to successful resolution of your dispute. Our expert negotiators can help you handle your case in mediation and are prepared to represent you in court if it becomes necessary.
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Schedule a Free Consultation with our Casa Grande Family Attorneys In Arizona

No matter what type of family law dispute you’re facing, Arizona Family Law Lawyers is here to help. We will guide you through the legal process with compassion and respect as we listen carefully to your story, discuss your legal options, and develop a plan to move forward.

Reach out to our trusted Casa Grande family law firm to schedule your obligation-free, confidential consultation and see how we can work to protect your rights and interests!

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