Modification of Support

Reasons for a Modification of support

Modification of Support, Family attorneys in Arizona A modification of support attorney from My Arizona Lawyers helps you understand your rights in a family law modification.  Be it child support, parenting time, or custody our Arizona family law team advises clients needing a family law modification.

Arizona Modification of Support Attorneys

Our Arizona modification of support lawyers from My Arizona Lawyers advises clients in child support modifications, spousal support modifications, and child support determinations.  Child support in Arizona calculates by taking each parent’s income, household income of each party, and other pertinent circumstances.

If you’re looking to adjust your child support order, the Arizona family law team at My Arizona Lawyers puts you on the right path.  We assist in the process of requesting a modification in child support, parenting time, or spousal support.  Our family lawyers know the best ways to achieve a successful modification.  Contact our team today and protect your assets.

Modifications either have to be an increase or decrease in what you are paying.  Additionally, you can also modify the time that you have custody, depending upon your situation.  Regardless, for a successful modification,  prove to the court a substantial change in circumstances.  In Arizona family law court there must be warrant to grant modifications whether permanent or temporary.

Common Reasons for Modifying Support Include:

  • If there is a substantial cost of living increase.
  • Especially relevant is an increase (usually 10% or more) in the paying parent’s income.
  • Equally important is a decrease (usually 10% or more) in the paying parent’s income.
  • Also, if either party gets remarried.
  • The needs of the child substantially increase leading to additional medical, educational, or age-related expenses.
  • Hardship by either party.  Be it: Disability, illness, or another financial burden.
  • Equally important is if the custodial parent loses a job.
  • One of the parent’s legal responsibility to support the other person changes significantly.
  • Also, if one of the parent’s does something substantial against the law or egregious towards the safety of the child.

In Arizona, once a party has received a child support order from the Arizona Family Court, the order may be modified but only if certain conditions in the case are met. Generally, a party files a Petition to Modify with the court and requests the change in child or spousal support.

My Arizona Lawyers provides free consultations for parties interested in modification of support issues.  If you have questions or issues regarding the modification of support or family court orders, we would be happy to answer your questions and advise you.  Call our experienced Arizona family attorneys today.