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Tempe Divorce & Family Law

My Arizona Lawyers divorce and family law practice is composed of skilled divorce and family law attorneys dedicated to assertive and compassionate representation for people in Tempe and throughout Maricopa County, Arizona. Our divorce team knows domestic litigation.  Our Tempe Family Lawyers goal is to provide you with a personal approach tailored to meet your needs. We will listen to you, provide an objective assessment of your situation, and create a plan to resolve your case on favorable terms.

We are committed legal advisors dedicated to assisting our clients quickly reach favorable resolutions.  Additionally, our Tempe Lawyers have a commanding knowledge of Arizona family laws as well as local policies and procedures. 



Our family lawyers are skilled litigators who frequently maneuver through evidentiary hearings and trials.  Divorce can bring out the worst in your spouse, however it brings out the best in our experienced Tempe Divorce Attorneys.  The process of divorce impacts your financial future and your relationship with your children.  Trust these important things to our caring advocates.


Updating Estate Planning After a Divorce

Changing your estate plan after a divorce is something that an experienced estate planning attorney can easily handle.  You should absolutely revise your will and estate planning after getting a divorce.  Your estate plan should be in accordance of your wishes. If you are going through a divorce in Tempe, a law firm that is skilled in all matters of divorce is a priority. AZ Family Law Lawyers offers experienced, trusted legal service. Call or contact us to schedule a free case evaluation and consultation to discuss your specific legal matters.



Tempe Divorce Lawyers FAQs

Get real answers from our Tempe Divorce Attorneys. We are the professionals and have dealt with thousands of divorcing

couples in Tempe and throughout Arizona. Take a look at these frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions of your own, please contact our Tempe Divorce Attorneys and schedule a FREE consultation.

What is Divorce?

Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage, also known as a dissolution of marriage. When spouses divorce, all assets and debts must be split through a process known as property division, and the judge will decide if alimony payments are appropriate. If the couple has minor children, the divorce will also encompass matters of child support, legal decision making, and parenting time

What is the difference between Divorce and Legal Separation?

In both a divorce and a legal separation, issues like property division, spousal and child support, and child custody must be decided. However, when a couple legally separates, as opposed to divorcing, they can maintain insurance and social security benefits for each other. Should the couple choose to reunite, they won’t need to legally remarry.

Does it matter who files for divorce first?

As long as the respondent doesn’t fail to file an answer to the divorce petition, it shouldn’t matter in the long run who filed for divorce first.

What is the leading cause of Divorce in Tempe, Arizona?

Arizona is a no fault divorce state, so the most commonly cited cause of divorce here is “irreconcilable differences.”

I Don’t Know where my spouse is, Can I still get a divorce?

If you are unable to locate your spouse for service of process, you will need to serve your spouse by publication. The first step will be to ask the court for permission for substituted service. You will then need to publish a notice of your divorce in the newspaper. Your spouse will have 30 days to respond to the service by publication, at which point the default process will begin.

Our House is Underwater with Debt, Can we still get Divorced?

During property division, it isn’t just assets that are split. Debts are assigned to each spouse, as well. The balance on the home will be another debt to consider during the divorce. The couple may need to sell the home as part of the divorce. The spouses may also want to consider speaking to a bankruptcy attorney before filing for divorce.

I am being deployed to the Military, will I lose custody of my children?

Custody consists of two parts- legal decision making and parenting time. You can still have legal decision making for your children while you are deployed in the military. Your parenting time schedule may need to be more creative to account for your deployment.

How Long Does it take to get a divorce in Tempe, Arizona?

If you and your spouse are getting an uncontested divorce, your divorce can be finalized 60 days after your petition is filed. This is the mandatory minimum waiting period before a divorce can be granted in Arizona. It may take you far longer than that to finalize your divorce if you and your spouse disagree on how matters like child support, child custody, alimony, and property division should be settled.

My spouse is cheating on me, can I sue that person for wrecking my marriage?

Arizona is a no fault divorce state, meaning that marital misconduct like infidelity won’t have any impact on the divorce. There are a few exceptions, like if the spouses have signed a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, or one spouse committed marital waste. If one spouse recklessly wastes money on an extramarital affair, drugs, gambling, etc., the other spouse can be credited for that amount during property division. You will need to prove your spouse was unfaithful if you are in a covenant marriage, a special type of marriage in which divorce can only be granted in limited circumstances. Less than 1% of marriages in Arizona are covenant marriages.

Do I Have to sell the house when getting divorced?

This can depend on many things, like how much equity is in the house, if there are sufficient other assets to award the spouse who doesn’t receive the house, and if one spouse will be the primary custodian of the couple’s children. One spouse may be awarded vehicles, marital bank accounts, investments, and other assets to make up for the share in the house.

Can we get shared custody for our dogs? We are divorcing and both want them.

Courts stay out of dog custody litigation, but you and your spouse can still agree to a custody schedule for any shared pets. You can include who will be responsible for food, medical, grooming, and other expenses in this agreement.
AZ Family Law Lawyers Tempe Divorce Attorney

Can we keep our divorce private? Who will know if we divorce?

Divorce records are public information. You can petition the court to seal your divorce record. If you settle out of court, or use mediation, these agreements can be sealed as well.

We got married in another state, Can we still get divorced in Tempe, Arizona?

It doesn’t matter if you were married in a state other than Arizona. If you have lived in Tempe, Arizona, for at least 90 days, you have met the residency requirement to file for divorce here. However, a child must reside in Arizona for at least 6 months before there is proper jurisdiction for matters of child support and child custody.

Will I get Spousal Support or Alimony from my Tempe Divorce?

The spouse will look at many factors when determining if there should be spousal support payments, like each spouse’s income, the standard of living during the marriage, each spouse’s age and condition, the length of the marriage, if one spouse sacrificed their career for the sake of the other spouse’s, how long it would take for one spouse to get the training to be financially self-sufficient, and if one spouse will be the primary caregiver of the spouses’ shared children.

Contact an Experienced Tempe Family Law Attorney

The Tempe Family Law Firm of My Arizona Lawyers, PLLC, represents clients in Maricopa County on a broad range of contested divorce issues including: 

  • Legal Discovery to obtain financial information from the other party.
  • Contempt and enforcement to compel compliance with court orders.
  • Orders for exclusive possession of the family residence.
  • Navigating Pre-Nuptial Agreements.
  • Orders for health insurance coverage.
  • Protection Orders from abuse and stalking, domestic violence & restraining orders.
  • Updating Your Will and Estate Plans.


Beneficiary Designations during a Divorce

One of the many things that an experienced Arizona divorce attorney should address with you when divorcing is confirming that the beneficiary designations are as you want them.  This should include your designated beneficiaries on your accounts, your insurance policies, and other common estate planning things. A few things to consider is contacting your human resources department at work to assure that your employee benefits are properly updated in alignment with the divorce.  Another benefit to consider when changing your estate plan after a divorce is to adjust the beneficiary on your life insurance policies.  These are all easy fixes for an experienced Arizona Estate Planning Attorney.




Talk to our Tempe Divorce Lawyers about how your spouse may be hiding assets that are to be split with you in a divorce in Tempe, AZ.

Many divorces end in an ugly fashion.  Emotions run hot and often one or both parties in a divorce can act out of character.  In some cases, one spouse may attempt to hide assets from another spouse.  Hiding assets in a divorce is usually done so that the asset does not have to be shared with the other.  Arizona is a 50/50 property state, meaning that all assets (and debts) gained while a couple is married are shared evenly between the two parties.

If you believe that your spouse may be hiding assets from you in a Tempe divorce, it would be a good idea to hire an experienced Tempe divorce lawyer to help you discover the hidden assets.  Discovering these hidden assets may be impossible without an attorney who knows how to find hidden assets in a divorce.

Searching for Hidden Assets

There are many ways in which a spouse may try to hide assets. Sometimes, to hide assets, a spouse may simply undervalue certain assets. Additionally, a spouse may not report certain assets or continue to keep certain things of value a secret from their partner.

Some ways in which assets may be hidden in a Tempe Divorce include:

  • Unreported income on financial statements and tax returns.
  • Cash transactions from businesses or being paid wages under the table.
  • Overlooked or undervalued items, such as antiques, collections, or artwork.
  • Cash kept in a safe or safe deposit box
  • Unreported Crypto Currency Accounts. Such as crypto.comCoinbase, or Robinhood
  • Custodial accounts set up in a child’s name or relative’s name.
  • Stock options from work that you were never aware.
  • Retirement accounts or 401K accounts that you didn’t know existed.
  • Debt repayments to family or friends that are fraudulent.
  • Salaries paid to employees or suppliers that do not exist to lessen the value of a business.
  • Delayed business contracts to lower the value of a business until after the divorce.
Tempe Divorce Attorney

Tempe Divorce Attorney

Schedule a free consultation with an experienced Tempe Divorce Attorney Today!

Your assets and property are important to you, sometimes even more so when you are seeking a divorce.  Therefore, if you suspect your spouse is hiding them, you should seek help right away.  At My Arizona Lawyers, PLLC,  our skilled Tempe family law team will provide the guidance and advice you need to navigate your case.  We have both the experience and the staff to search out any assets your spouse may have attempted to hide from you.  Our attorneys will protect your interests.  Having our team on your side will instill confidence and relief that your case is in good hands.



Finding Evidence of Hidden Assets in a Tempe Divorce

Finding the evidence to prove that your spouse is hiding assets can be difficult.  Therefore, hiring a knowledgeable legal professional in Tempe is essential in cases where there are believed to be hidden assets. Additionally, besides a Tempe Divorce Attorney, you may also need a private investigator or forensic accountant.  Of note, our Tempe Family Law team works closely with private investigators and forensic accountants.  We know what we are looking for and how to prove hidden assets and their value.

If you think your spouse is hiding assets, now is the time to start taking action.  You should gather copies of important documents such as tax returns and bank statements. All significant financial documents should be gathered.  Other documents that you should seek include:  pay stubs, profit and loss statements of businesses, insurance policy information, loan applications, and line-of-credit documentation.  Once you have collected these documents, store them in a place where your spouse cannot find them, preferably outside the marital home if you still live together.

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