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Domestic Violence Attorney in Mesa

In Arizona, what determines domestic violence?  The state of Arizona defines domestic violence as a criminal act of abuse committed by one “family or household member” against another.  Police must take at least one individual into custody when responding to a domestic violence report if they believe that the situation requires such a response. An officer will evaluate the situation and make decisions based on what they observe.  A domestic violence charge can be made in Mesa when the defendant and victim are married or live together, if they have children with each other or the woman is pregnant, or if the victim is a blood relative to the defendant.

infographic: domestic violence by the numbersDomestic violence crimes include:

  • violating a restraining order
  • murder
  • disorderly conduct
  • assault
  • sex crimes
  • battery
  • kidnapping
  • stalking
  • intimidation
  • harassment
  • false imprisonment
  • child abuse


Our family law law firm has experience with family law issues in Mesa.  We will also protect your rights and minimize the impact of a domestic violence charge.  Every domestic violence charge is serious, and the Arizona legal system is serious about punishing those accused of domestic violence.  Furthermore, our firm understands the importance of a strong defense in these cases.  It is also crucial that you have an experienced attorney dedicated to the successful outcome of your particular charges.


Take advantage of our free consultation with an attorney.  You will be able to discuss your concerns, get answers, and receive advice about your case.  This is a no-obligation case evaluation.  So call to schedule a consultation by phone or in office. 


There are a number of legal penalties you may face if convicted of domestic violence in Mesa including

  • jail or prison sentence
  • probation
  • domestic violence education and classes
  • significant fines
  • loss of visitation rights or custody
  • restricted communication with victim

Additionally, the punishments depend on the case, and our attorneys will help you understand what you can expect for your charges.  We can also help if you are faced with a domestic violence charge. 


Our attorneys are dedicated to work toward the best possible legal outcome for each family law case.  If your charges can be reduced or dismissed, our legal team will prepare the appropriate defense.  AZ Family Law Lawyers know the court system, and have expertise in Arizona family law.  Let us help you understand your charges and the law so that you can make good decisions about your charges and your future.

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Arizona is strict on penalties for those accused and convicted for domestic violence. Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors or assault against another person (a former or current partner) and is considered a violent crime in Arizona.  In some cases, a verbal dispute gets out of hand and involve physical assault.  Any of the following acts, however, are treated as domestic violence:

  • intimidation
  • emotional abuse
  • aggressive behavior
  • videotaping without consent
  • endangerment
  • stalking or harassment

Generally, a domestic violence charge falls into the areas of physical violence, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse.

Due to the severity of the crime, Arizona is strict on the punishment for those who are accused of domestic violence.  A conviction has a seriously negative impact on one’s personal, family, and professional life.  Once accused, call AZ Family Law Lawyers immediately.  An attorney can begin to explore strategies and begin preparing a defense. 


Any of the following victims can be identified as a family or household member, according to Arizona law, relating to the relationship between the victim and the defendant:

  • Current or former spouses
  • A couple who has a child together
  • Anyone residing together in a household
  • A child, grandchild, grandparent, stepchild, in-law, sister, or brother
  • Anyone in a sexual or romantic or sexual relationship
  • Those related by blood or is a parent to the abuser


An order of protection, commonly called a restraining order, often arises during a domestic violence dispute.  This order is intended to prevent the abuser from being near the victim.  Also, this is an order issued by a judge in the Arizona court.  The restraining order stops a person from further acts of domestic violence.  It also prohibits the abuser from contacting a person protected by the court order.  After it is formally issued, an order of protection lasts for a year.  The abuser may request that the order may be be dismissed. 

Additionally, a restraining order is an official court order.  This is a complicated legal matter is best handled under the advisement of an experienced family law attorney.  Violating a restraining order has consequences.  Therefore, contact AZ Family Law Lawyers’ Mesa domestic violence attorney to fully understand your rights. 


A disorderly conduct charge could be as minor as a loud argument, or a threatening or intimidating exchange.  If an officer identifies you as the abuser, you will be in the position of defending yourself.  By all means, call AZ Family Law Lawyers if you are in a situation in which you have been accused of domestic violence.  Furthermore, our firm offers expert, affordable legal representation and solid defense strategies for family law issues. 

Lastly, email My AZ Lawyers today to schedule an appointment at one of our Phoenix area law offices.  We also offer free, no hassle, no obligations consultations.  As well as, affordable payment plans.