Grandparents’ Rights in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer


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As a grandparent wanting to be able to share in the lives of your grandkids, contact a Phoenix Grandparents’ Rights attorney to discuss how the laws in Arizona apply to your specific case.  The Arizona grandparent visitation laws are very specific, so you are going to need your rights protected and represented.

In the case of a divorce and a family breaking apart, grandparents are affected.  Just because the parents split does not mean the grandparents won’t be able to continue to share in the grandchildren’s lives. My AZ Family Law Lawyers have experience successfully representing grandparents and protecting their rights in Phoenix.  Furthermore, a parent/spouse cannot withhold a child from seeing their grandparents without authorization by the court.


In order to ensure you maintain your relationship with your grandchildren, schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with our firm.  In the conversation with an attorney, you can get information and options for your case.

If in the best interest of the children, grandparents may be awarded visitation rights . Make sure your rights are upheld. My AZ Family Law Lawyers will advocate on behalf of Phoenix grandparents.