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Grandparents’ Rights in Mesa, Arizona

Mesa Grandparents’ Rights Lawyers

Mesa Grandparents' Rights Lawyers
Don’t allow a divorce to separate you from your grandchildren. Contact My AZ Family Law Lawyers.


A divorce can create painful separations between grandparents and grandchildren.  A Mesa Grandparents’ Rights Lawyers can help grandparents and great grandparents get visitation and rights with their grandchildren.  Grandparents today are more involved in a child’s upbringing.  

It is important to Grandparents to remain in contact with their grandchildren, even if it against the wishes of , the child’s parents or parent, Arizona grandparent’s rights laws provide a method for grandparents.  These Arizona grandparent laws put in place certain protections for Arizona grandparents so that they may continue to see their grandchildren on some scale.  Contact our Arizona grandparents’ rights lawyers for more information.

There is value in a nurturing, strong relationship within a family. Unfortunately, a divorce can create custody battles and make it difficult for a grandparent to maintain a relationship with the grandchildren. 

My AZ Family Law Lawyers know the law, and it permits grandparents to have access to their grandchildren.  Discuss your case with an experienced Mesa Grandparents’ rights attorney at our firm.  Get information, understand your rights, and let us help you through the entire legal process. 

Arizona Grandparents’ custody rights are not automatic under current Arizona family law.  In order to successfully arguing for Grandparents’ rights, an attorney must a compelling argument.   

In addition, the state of Arizona recognizes that the separation of grandparents and grandchildren is a problem, and have responded with laws that recognize a grandparents’ right to visitation.  Furthermore, the court will consider the best interest of all involved.  Contact our Grandparents’ rights attorney to discuss your options and learn about your rights as grandparents.

Mesa Grandparents’ Rights Attorney

Lastly, don’t allow the aftermath of a divorce to end up in a loss of contact with your grandchildren.  If primary custody is granted to a spouse and there is conflict, our legal team will assist you with your request for visitation.