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Arizona Prenuptial Agreements

Phoenix Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

Couple in Phoenix Signing A Prenuptial Agreement
Couples in Phoenix entering into marriage are considering how to protect their financial futures by agreeing to a prenuptial agreement.

Although prenuptial agreements tend to be viewed by society as a negative aspect of a marriage, there are benefits to a prenup that actually help a marriage to flourish an succeed.

It is important that you retain the services of an attorney experienced in prenup agreements in Arizona.  These documents require detailed scrutiny and you need personal representation.  In order to accomplish your goals with a prenup, you need to establish an agreeable, valid contract.  Therefore, our attorneys can help provide you with the effective legal solutions you need, no matter how complicated the circumstances.

Generally speaking, by design, a prenup is to help a couple predetermine aspects of a divorce, should it ever occur.  Thus, our attorneys will explain to you what this agreement can and cannot do for your future.  A prenuptial agreement is a contract that is entered into by an unmarried couple.  It determines the terms of a divorce if that were to happen in the future.

What a prenup could do for your relationship:

  • Protect you from your significant other’s debts (debts incurred prior to marriage)
  • Provide for children from a prior marriage
  • Protect the division of finances if there is a divorce
  • Protect one person’s property from leaving the family
  • Outline each person’s responsibilities during the marriage
  • Protect the finances of one party from division in the case of divorce
You can get information from an attorney at My AZ Lawyers Law Firm. Call to schedule your appointment to meet with a lawyer, or you may choose to consult via phone.

Only with the help of an attorney such as My AZ Family Law Lawyers can you be sure that your contract will hold up and the specifics of your contract are valid, legal, and binding.  We will tailor your case and give you information and options based on your specific situation.

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