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Child support is a periodic payment made to a custodial parent from a non-custodial parent to help compensate a child’s living expenses; i.e., food, clothes, etc., and any other related debts. When one parent is awarded sole custody, as in the event of a divorce, the non-custodial parent is required to fulfill his or her child support obligation by making set payments.  Whereas the custodial parent meets his or her support obligation through the custody itself.  When parents are awarded joint custody in a divorce, however, the support obligation is shared.  And is based on a ratio of each parent’s income and the amount of time the child spends with each parent.

Either you or the other parent may be required to pay support to your children.

The purpose of child support is to meet the reasonable needs of the child, and try to, as much as is possible, keep him or her in the same position he or she would have been had the marriage not dissolved.  We are also available to assist in circumstances:

  • where a child support obligation is not being paid
  • to work with the other party to get back payments
  • to reduce or increase child support where financial circumstances have changed dramatically.

Calculating Arizona Child Support

The state of Arizona statutes establish a presumption of parent’s financial obligations based on:

  • income of both parents
  • number of children in a family
  • costs of caring for the children.

In addition, a standard Arizona guideline determines the amount of to be paid and each parent’s obligation to contribute to medical, dental, and child care expenses.

Our Arizona child support lawyers assist clients in determining how much a court will order each parent to pay, and what — if any — exceptions may be awarded to the standard child support guidelines.

Other factors considered under the Arizona Child Support guidelines include:

  • Shared parenting time,
  • Split custody, where each parent has custody of one or more children from the marriage,
  • Support or alimony required under a different court order,
  • Support received through public assistance or a different court order,
  • Pre-existing support ordered for older children,
  • Any other children of the custodial parent,
  • Payments for joint debts,
  • Transportation expenses,
  • In high-income cases, accustomed standard of living,
  • More than six children,
  • Income imputed based on minimum wage or average prior income.

Two exceptions to Arizona’s statutory child support guidelines are occasions when all parties represented by counsel agree to a different amount and when the court determines an order according to the guideline would be unjust, unreasonable or not in the best interests of the child.

Modifying Child Support and Parenting Time:

The obligation to support minor children cannot be waived by either parent and is a right enjoyed by the child, not the parent. The State of Arizona has guidelines that factor the amount of support, such as the amount of time spent with the child, the income of both parents, and the standard of living the child is accustomed to. An Arizona Family Law Court may allow deduction items such as catastrophic medical expenses and travel expenses for visitation.