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    Arizona Family Lawyers and Divorce Attorneys

    In Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, and Arizona

    Divorce and family law issues in Arizona strike close to the heart. Making the right decisions for yourself and your family requires a diligent advocate and knowledgeable guide through the Arizona legal system. Our Arizona Family Lawyers will work closely with Arizona families and individuals to guide them through potential divorces, child custody, modifications, and prenuptial agreements.

    The experienced attorneys and staff at My AZ Lawyers recognizes that each client and situation is unique and requires individualized attention. Our family law team tailors its approach to fit the specific needs of each client and the issue at hand while, at the same time, providing quality and cost-effective representation.

    As a result, our Glendale, Mesa, and Phoenix, Arizona family law lawyers have helped countless individuals throughout the state of Arizona find success in their divorce, child support, child custody, and other family law matter. In other words, don’t delay in getting the help you need, speak with an Arizona Divorce Attorney today.

    In addition, our divorce and family law lawyers can help you take control of your life. For example, a dedicated family law team gets the information and help you need for a successful case. Also, our low cost Arizona family law experts can help you through these difficult times; ensure you are in control of your situation; and help you start on a new road to success.

    Top Reason Marriages Fail

    1 Marrying for the wrong reasons
    2 Losing Individual Identity
    3 Growing Apart
    4 Not Sharing the Same Vision
    5 Love and Intimacy Fizzles
    6 Unfulfilled Expectations
    7 Money and Finances
    8 Lack of physical attraction and attention
    9 Interests and priorities change
    10 The inability to resolve fights and conflicts

    * The 10 Most Common Reasons People Get Divorced” – The Blog. Huffington Post. 16 sept 2016

    Experts cite the main reasons that couples decide to slit.

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    Affordable Family Law Attorneys in Arizona

    Low Cost Arizona Family Lawyers

    Family law situations are usually intense and can be quite heated as emotions run high. Therefore, when choosing an Arizona divorce or family law attorney, choose an attorney you are comfortable working. Remember, hiring a lawyer who is looking out for your best interests is paramount.

    Our Arizona family team will listen to your needs and provide options for you. We also base our focus on how you want your case to proceed and mix it with our legal experience to provide the best outcome. Furthermore, our experience and dedication make our Arizona family team the one you want on your side.

    In addition, our divorce and family law lawyers can help you take control of your life. For example, a dedicated family law team gets the information and help you need for a successful case. Also, our low cost Arizona family law experts can help you through these difficult times; ensure you are in control of your situation; and help you start on a new road to success.

    AZ Family Law Lawyer Service Areas

    When dealing with family law issues, there is so much at stake. Thus, the outcome of a divorce, child custody dispute, or other family law matter can have a significant impact on your parental and financial rights. Make sure you have a trusted family law lawyer on your side working to protect you and your rights. It is critical that you retain a highly qualified Arizona family law attorney, don’t chance such an important issue to anyone other than the best.

    In particular,
    When dealing with Arizona family law issues you may be faced with such challenging issues as: child custody disputes, divorce or separation, paternity cases, adoption, spousal support, or prenuptial agreements. Finding an experienced Arizona divorce and family law attorney may be crucial. Call us today. We provide free consultations and payment plans for every budget.

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    Practice Areas

    You can find some of the best Arizona family lawyers you require at the My AZ Lawyers. Our affordable and dedicated Arizona family law lawyers and staff serve clients in Phoenix, Tucson, Glendale, Avondale, Mesa, and throughout Arizona in a wide range of family law matters, including:

    Custody and Visitation

    What Happens To A Child During A Divorce

    During the divorce process, there tends to be quite a bit of gray area surrounding custody and visitation rights for each parent. Typically in most states, both parents continue to have equal rights regarding all child-rearing decisions throughout and after the divorce process; however, My AZ Lawyers understand that every situation is different and will have different outcomes. We are here to make sure each parent fully understands each step of the custody and visitation decision process.

    Custody and Visitation Of A Child During a Divorce
    Child Support Lawyers In Arizona

    Child Support

    Many do not understand how child support works, or assume that 50/50 split parenting means no support payments are necessary. That is why My AZ Lawyers is ready to answer your questions and ensure full support for your children.

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    Child Custody Lawyers In Arizona

    Child Custody

    When determining child custody agreements, the children’s best interest should always be the utmost priority. It is important to be proactive rather than reactive, and be sure you know exactly what to expect moving forward with custody agreements.

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    Paternity Lawyers In Arizona


    When it comes to establishing paternity in a divorce case, it is vital to hire a lawyer who thoroughly understands the complex rules, laws, and methods for defending their client throughout the process. My AZ Lawyers is an excellent choice.

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    Divorce and Support In Arizona

    Divorce and Support

    What Happens To Spouses During a Divorce

    Knowing your rights during the initial proceedings of a divorce and throughout the entire process is important. You may not know if you can stay with your spouse if they filed for divorce against you, or you may wonder if your spouse is required to provide some financial support as you find a place to live during the divorce process. At My AZ Lawyers, you can trust that our legal team will provide expert guidance as you navigate forward.

    Arizona Divorce Experts

    From child custody to visitation rights, spousal support and paternity, My AZ Lawyers are the #1 choice for all divorce-related questions. We offer expert legal guidance and carry years of experience defending clients in all types of situations, so you can trust that your rights are in skilled hands. From start to finish, you and your children are our top priority!

    Arizona Divorce Expert Lawyers
    Annulment Lawyers In Arizona


    A marriage annulment is a popular choice for those who want their marriage to essentially disappear. The marriage ends as if it never even existed, but legal guidance is necessary as you determine division of property and child custody agreements.

    Divorce Lawyers In Arizona


    Simply put, a divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court. Many couples who choose to divorce have simply grown apart, developed other interests, or have a variety of personal reasons for needing to separate.

    Legal Separation Lawyers In Arizona

    Legal Separation

    A couple may opt for a legal separation instead of a divorce for a number of reasons. Among other things, separation allows health insurance benefits to be kept, less division of property, and no unpleasant discussions over child custody.

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    Spousal Support (alimony)

    Spousal support, or alimony, refers to the financial support that a person is required to give to their support during a legal separation or divorce. Typically it is paid on a monthly basis, but can also be paid in one lump sum as well. While alimony is generally awarded in cases where spouses carried unequal earning power or were married for many years, each situation is completely unique. My AZ Lawyers will fight for your financial security and protected rights no matter what the situation.

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      Domestic Violence

      Orders of Protection Lawyers In Arizona

      Orders of Protection

      When you need legal documentation to protect you from harassment or abuse, a judge can sign an Order of Protection. It will set limits on your partner’s behavior and provide a layer of protection for you and your children.

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      Restraining Order Lawyers In Arizona

      Restraining Order

      A restraining order is a further level of protection, as a temporary court order that has been issued to prohibit your spouse from acting in a particular way or even approaching you and your children.

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      Civil Harassment Lawsuit Lawyers In Arizona

      Civil Harassment Lawsuit

      A civil harassment lawsuit is the highest level of protection you can seek from a judge if your spouse has sexually assaulted, stalked, or harassed you. It protects you from violence, threats, stalking, and serious harassment.

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      Additionally, the experienced divorce and custody lawyers of My AZ Lawyers provide services to clients throughout Arizona, including, but not limited to Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima counties serving cities such as Phoenix and the Phoenix Metro Area including: Glendale, Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, Apache Junction, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Queen Creek, Ahwatukee, Casa Grande, Florence, Superior, Globe, Flagstaff, Payson, Prescott, Tucson, Avondale, Peoria, Cave Creek, and other communities in Arizona.

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