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Order of Protection in Mesa

An order of protection, or restraining order, are commonly filed against people who are incessant with harassing behaviors. Its purpose is to prevent abusive behaviors. If you are the focus of threats, harassment, or other behaviors that make you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, contact our Order of Protection Lawyer. Commonly, clients who file a restraining order have tried other options to stop the harassment, but to no avail. An order of protection is an effective way to prohibit someone from contacting a victim.

My AZ Lawyers Mesa Order of Protection attorney will protect your rights. A lawyer experienced in the law regarding restraining orders will help you take the proper legal measures to stop someone who is intimidating you or threatening your safety and security.  

Our Mesa Law Firm

Our legal team is dedicated to affordable legal help for Mesa residents. We will give you advice, options, and information about your case. We will help you determine the best course of action to take regarding your restraining order matter. 

If you are experiencing persistent physical or emotional harassment, stalking, or other form of domestic violence, we can help you get the legal protection you need. 

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Lawyer Explaining About Restraining Orders In Mesa

Restraining Orders in Mesa

Our family law attorneys know the Arizona law. There are many types of injunctions, and we can determine which type of restraining order will offer you the best protection. You may need protection against yourself, or possibly your entire household against a person causing harm. There are also orders that protect against those who are related to you, and those who are not. Schedule a free consultation with an attorney at our AZ Family Law – law firm and discuss your case with a professional. An attorney will listen to your case and your needs and we will help you by providing the best legal representation for an order of protection. 

The Order of Protection document obtained from the court is issued to order the abusive person not to contact you. Orders of protection are filed based on one’s relationship with the defendant. They are also filed based on whether or not it involves a domestic violence crime.

Different types of protective orders in Mesa include
  • Order of Protection (OP)
  • Injunction against workplace aggravation
  • Release order of emergency order of protection
  • Injunction against provocation

Mesa Order of Protection FAQs

Mesa Order of Protection Attorney

What is an Order of Protection?

An Order of Protection is used to prevent contact and additional harm from someone who has committed acts of domestic violence against the filer or the filer’s child/ren. Also, the Order of Protection will force distance between the abuser and the victim, but the order may contain additional provisions preventing specific behaviors. If you are in Mesa and are being harassed or harmed by someone, call the police. Additionally, you may want to seek an Order of Protection against the party.

Can an Order of Protection in Mesa be Dismissed?

Dismissing an order of protection in Mesa requires the judge’s approval. Therefore, the petitioner will have to file a request to dismiss the order at the courthouse and explain the reasoning to the judge. Our Mesa Orders of Protection Attorneys can assist.

Does it Cost Anything to File an Order of Protection in Mesa, Arizona?

No. Both filing an Order of Protection and having the police serve the order on the defendant are free of charge.

Do I Have to Go to Court to Obtain an Order of Protection in Mesa?

Besides filing the request for the order, you may have to attend a hearing on the order. Also, the respondent can appeal the order of protection and you will receive notification of a hearing held typically 5-10 days after that date. You can have the assistance of an Orders of Protection Lawyer at this hearing. Call us at (480) 263-1699 for assistance in getting an Order of Protection in Mesa, Arizona.

What is an Injunction Against Harassment?

An Injunction Against Harassment is an order to prevent someone who is not a relative or current or former partner from contacting and additionally harming the petitioner. Whereas, the respondent will be ordered not to go to the petitioner’s home, school, or work for one year from the date of service. An Injunction Against Harassment can be acquired for people in Mesa and throughout Arizona who are wanting to stop harassment from another party.

Restraining Orders Attorneys in Mesa

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In Mesa, an order of protection is used specifically when there is a situation threatening a relationship. If a relative, spouse, former spouse, or persons having children together exhibit behaviors of domestic violence, you need our Mesa family law lawyers to assist you with a restraining order. If your threat is immediate, you should call the police. 

Domestic violence victims need immediate and effective legal representation. Our AZ Family Law Law Firm will give you options to deal with your situation, then efficiently get the proper documentation and paperwork filed. Our attorneys will advocate on your behalf and guide you through the legal process. Many times, a restraining order will avoid a potentially harmful situation. We see many heated divorces and family law matters that get extremely emotionally driven and intense. Even allegations of domestic abuse are taken very seriously. 

Knowing the seriousness of family law legal issues, a restraining order may certainly be used improperly. Sometimes they are used to sway a decision or an outcome of a case. Orders of protections that allege domestic violence may have a devastating effect on someone who is involved in a custody or parental rights battle. So if you believe you have been wrongfully accused of harassment or domestic violence against someone who wants a restraining order against you, we can help. 

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AZ Family Law Lawyers will assist you in filing an Order of Protection in Mesa. You have the power to control your safety. Do not let others take control of your life by threatening you. You can put your security in your own hands. Contact an attorney for a free consultation regarding your order of protection situation.

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Getting a Restraining Order in Mesa

An Order of Protection (OP) in mesa is issued by a judge to a victim of domestic violence. This court order states that a person must stay away from the victim and desist with any violence, threat of violence, or any kind of harassment. An individual, to be eligible for an OP, must be a spouse or former spouse, roommate, family member, or someone you have dated or had a relationship with. 

The person seeking protection files a petition in a Justice, Municipal, or Superior Court in Arizona. A judge will commonly grant orders if there is reasonable cause to believe the defendant has committed or might commit an act of domestic violence. 

Once an OP is issued, the defendant (person named in the OP that is doing the harassing) may request a hearing to contest the restraining order. 

An OP is a powerful legal tool, and violating an order does have criminal penalties. AZ Family Law Lawyers provides representation for Mesa residents seeking a restraining order, or anyone who wishes to contest an OP. You have an opportunity to provide evidence in support of your petition, and AZ Family Law Lawyers will help you achieve the best possible desired outcome for your case.

When you have a family law situation that requires an order of protection, you do not want to proceed without the experienced legal representation of AZ Family Law Lawyers. Your future and the future of your family may be extremely affected by the outcome of the Order of Protection. An attorney from our family law firm will represent you at the OP hearing, and we will support your position with evidence. If necessary, we can seek to modify the terms of an existing OP.

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