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Chandler Divorce Lawyers

Family Law Lawyers in Chandler, Arizona

Contact our Chandler divorce lawyers if you are going through a divorce in Chandler or Mesa, Arizona. Getting divorce in Chandler, Arizona can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Therefore, our Chandler Family Attorney and staff can help guide you through the process. Our knowledgeable counsel will be a great asset to you as you try to sort out things during your divorce.



We will listen to your goals and provide options for you, based on how you want your case to proceed. Whether you and your spouse are in general agreement, or you are anticipating a more difficult proceeding, our Chandler Family Attorney can advise you about potential outcomes and factors that you should consider when making decisions.

It is important to remember that relatively few divorce cases go to trial. Hiring a Chandler Family Attorney does not commit you to that result. As a team, we will work with you to achieve your goals and get you an outcome that you desire.

Tailored Representation for Your Chandler Divorce

Our Chandler Family Attorneys realize that divorce is not one size fits all when it comes to legal representation. We tailor our attorneys to your needs. In the end, it saves you money. Many divorces in Chandler are situations that a reasonable settlement can often be reached between the parties without costing you tens-of-thousands of dollars. Additionally, we also realize that some divorces are very contentious. In these cases, we realize that an assertive approach may be best. We will appropriately and aggressively serve the best interest of our clients. Be it through intense litigation or a quick and inexpensive settlement.
Regardless of your situation, we highly recommend at least consulting with an experienced divorce lawyer. Additional information and a bit of preventative measures may go a long way when seeking a divorce attorney in Chandler, Arizona. Our family law team offers free consultations. We recommend giving us a call and find out more about your options.

Chandler Family Firm Free Consultation

To learn more about our Chandler Family Law Firm or to schedule a free consultation with one of our Chandler Family Lawyers please call (480) 448-9800 or Contact us here.

We offer experienced Chandler divorce and family law attorneys, Our Chandler family law attorneys know the importance of family law court proceedings and decisions and are prepared to provide our clients with reliable, high-quality, family law assistance when it is needed most.

Successful Chandler Divorce Lawyers

Our AZ Family Law Lawyers have helped hundreds of people in Chandler and throughout Maricopa County dissolve their marriages. Plus, our Chandler Family Lawyers have more than 50 years of experience confidently handling all types of divorce, both contested and uncontested. We know that no two divorces or separations are the same. Our AZ Divorce attorneys have the experience to handle your case professionally.
Through the many years of handling divorces in Chandler, Arizona, our experienced lawyers have seen many situations. From Narcissistic spouses, cheating spouses, abusive spouses, to people who have simply fallen out of love.



Our Chandler Family Law firm handles all cases from straightforward uncomplicated divorces to high asset divorces. We handle divorces with children and custody issues, as well as divorces with no children and little property.
Regardless of the situation surrounding your divorce, we provide all of our clients with a realistic perspective of their unique situation. We establish and discuss the potential legal outcomes. By giving realistic outcomes to our clients, it allows them to make informed decisions throughout the process. Not only that, but our Chandler Divorce Attorneys work diligently to achieve our clients’ goals in a professional, ethical manner. Contact our Chandler divorce lawyers today for a free, confidential consultation. (480) 263-1699.


The Chandler divorce lawyers at My Arizona Lawyers work diligently to keep our fees low while aggressively representing the best interest of our clients. Also, our experienced Chandler family law attorneys and staff are here to work with you every step of the way. No matter how big or small your case, our dedicated Chandler family law staff will provide full support and guidance throughout the process.