Bankruptcy and Divorce

Our Office is a 1 stop Shop

My Arizona Lawyers is unique in the aspect that in one Arizona law firm you can get your family law issues and a bankruptcy filing.  Sometimes these things go hand in hand.  After a divorce, for instance, it may be beneficial to file for bankruptcy to alleviate debts that may have come up because of filing for divorce.

Neither filing for bankruptcy nor getting a divorce is much of a happy time for people in Arizona.  In fact, bankruptcy and divorce can both be very stressful to those involved.  Each is a unique way to rid yourself of something undesirable.  In bankruptcy, a person is alleviating the burden of debt.  In a divorce, a person is separating from someone that they no longer favor.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce and know that there will be a lot of debt left over, call a lawyer from our Arizona law office and find out what debt relief and divorce options may be available to you.  We handle both chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies in Arizona.  Our office can assist you with all of your needs.  Additionally, we handle Zero Down bankruptcy filings, bankruptcy by phone, and bankruptcy from home debt relief options.

Contact our Arizona debt relief lawyers for quality legal advice on filing bankruptcy in relationship to your divorce and family law needs.