Florida Doctor Appeals Order Taking Away Custody of Daughter Amid Coronavirus Pandemic 

On May 3, 2020, Arizona Family Attorneys at My AZ Lawyers write: 

Child custody during COVID-19 blogWhile you are at home working remotely and social distancing, you have probably seen many commercials and public service announcements thanking healthcare workers for their bravery and service during the coronavirus pandemic. However, one doctor in Florida isn’t exactly receiving applause for working in an emergency room during a pandemic.

 Dr. Theresa Greene already had a split custody agreement in place with her ex-husband for their 4-year-old daughter. While it is unclear whether Dr. Greene had definitively been exposed to COVID-19, mere fears of coronavirus contamination were enough for one family court judge to temporarily take away custody.
 Judge Bernard Shapiro temporarily granted full custody to Dr. Greene’s ex. The order read that the change in custody was “solely related to the outbreak of COVID-19.” Unsurprisingly, Dr. Greene has appealed the order.
While Dr. Greene complied with the order, this would create a shocking precedent for healthcare professionals. Doctors who aren’t even treating coronavirus patients may risk losing custody, albeit temporarily, of their children.
On April 14, 2020, Dr. Greene was able to successfully appeal the order. There will still be a final hearing, but the parents will return to a 50-50 custody split in the meantime. While the father argued that it was in the interest of the child’s safety, Dr. Greene’s attorney argued using evidence of how relatively safe the pediatric population is from coronavirus.
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