The Role of a Process Server
in Family Law Cases

A Phoenix process server is someone who hands over important documents, such as notices and summons, to specific parties in a court case. It used to be that only lawyers and other qualified legal professionals could serve this paperwork, but the job was soon opened up to special process servers, who did not have to be a part of the case or the court system. Now these process servers fill an important role in helping lawyers and the court system find people who are involved in lawsuits and family court cases, among others.

The Role of a Phoenix Process Server in Family Law Cases

There are many ways that a Phoenix process serving company can help during a family law case in Arizona. Here are just a few:

Finding Fathers for Paternity Testing

Before you can get to issues of child custody or child support, you might first need to have a hard answer on actual parentage. In some cases, paternity may not have been confirmed because the mother was unsure. In some cases, the mother may have notified the man about his fatherhood, but he may have denied it. A DNA test can get to the bottom of the issue once and for all.

In cases where a man has to be served papers to get a DNA test – instead of getting one voluntarily when asked – it is highly likely that the man is trying to avoid the test. You might have a hard time tracking him down, so hiring a family law process server can help you move the case forward.

Tracking Down Deadbeat Parents

Maybe you have been taking care of the kids for a while after your co-parent skipped town and stopped being a presence in the children’s lives. But ASAP Serve In Mesa Can Help Process Serve Child Custody or Support Papersyou want to make the situation more formal and get the fact that you have primary custody written into a legal document. A family law process server can help you find the deadbeat parent and serve papers so the person will show up in court to get the case settled.

A process server is often called in to find deadbeat parents who have stopped paying for child support and who maybe even have left town or changed their address and phone number to avoid being found. The process server can track down the deadbeat to serve papers and make sure the person shows up in court to answer for that unpaid child support. You can get the money you are owed to take care of your children and protect their future.

Notifying Absent Parent of Impending Adoption

After a parent has abandoned children or has gone off grid to try to avoid paying child support, the other parent may move on and get remarried to a new person who becomes a strong parental figure to the children. That new parent may want to adopt the children in the absence of the biological parent. But how does a person complete an adoption without being able to adopt the biological parent to give up rights? Or to prosecute them to terminate rights?

ASAP Serve in Mesa Arizona Can Help Process Serve Family Law and Divorce DocumentsA family law process server can help find the absent parent and ensure they know about the impending adoption. Whether that person shows up for court is another matter.

Notifying Reluctant Spouses about Divorce

Divorce is not usually a surprise. There is usually discontent for some time, and the spouses may have even talked about the possibility. But once divorce becomes a reality because you actually file the paperwork, your spouse may suddenly do whatever it takes to avoid moving forward with the process. Your spouse might even go “undercover” and make it hard for you to find him or her by changing phone numbers, addresses, and so on.

Your Mesa process server will help you find that spouse and get those divorce papers served. The rest is up to your spouse. But at least you can feel at peace knowing that you can move forward with the dissolution of your marriage.

Process servers fill an important role in family law cases, particularly when a parent is absent or is reluctant to comply. Consider hiring a process serving company to help if you are having trouble contacting the parties for your family law case.

ASAP Serve is a reputable process serving company helping clients throughout Arizona. We strive to find the parties as quickly as possible and serve them with efficiency. We use a variety of tools to find all clients, even if they have been long absent. Call us today to work with a Mesa family law process server and move your case forward.

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