Tips For a Successful Divorce in Arizona

On 5/24/2020 the Arizona Divorce Attorneys and Family Law staff at My Arizona Lawyers write:
Arizona divorce blogDivorce is usually the very best of times and also the most severe of times – all wrapped up into one. The choice to go on in life from a worn out relationship is hard-to-impossible to make, especially where you will find kids involved. The uncertainty and unknowns are what hold lots of people back. 
On another hand, life is brief and taking measures to move to an alternative future when a marriage can’t be repaired is in exactly the same time, liberating to thrilling for many litigants. However, this short article (written by our Arizona Divorce Lawyers) offers 5 practical, common sense tips nearly all litigants don’t think of in this particular context, but that tends to make the divorce process less stressful and expedient
Arizona Divorce Tip #1
For starters, the description on the marriage is usually wrought with emotion and finger pointing of who did what wrong and when. This particular concentration, or perhaps the blame game, misdirects what you need to be thinking about instead: What you have and precisely why to go on. Many people focus on the real or perhaps perceived wrongs and justify or possibly rationalize what they need – everybody wants everything in the divorce. By rather concentrating on everything you need to have, you are going to leave room for what your loved one needs and also supply a better path on how you can run 2 independent lifestyles within all of the means of yours, education, resources, and interpersonal desires. So what would you have to go on? is the issue you must think about, not what do I desire? By looking at the divorce in what I would like words it’s certain to produce impossible scenarios which will be decided – ultimately – by expensive litigation and perhaps a trial. The main point here is giving to the stage it hurts as you can’t recapture time or maybe litigation costs on winning. Seek what you need in a divorce, not what you would like.
Arizona Divorce Tip #2
Next, a lot of what litigants expect and make the targets of theirs on for divorce originate from urban myth, a friend-of-a-friend’s bad divorce advice, or maybe a google search. Depending on this to understand what you would like or even what you require is a formula for disaster – the divorce which goes on for a long time and costs a fortune; everybody has heard that story or even knows a person who has lived it. 
Instead, understand the law has positive, along with these need to frame the expectations of yours, when considered, and, enable you to reach the center of everything you need. Centrally, the law presumes the parties split the marital assets (what you’ve minus what you owe) equally. The law presumes one parent is going to have physical custody though another parent will likely have extremely liberal parenting time. While a party may get a slightly different deviation of the marital assets and/or custody/parenting time more near identical, wild deviations from these presumptions hardly ever happen outside of special circumstances. Nevertheless, they’re unusual and are linked with protracted litigation. 
Arizona Divorce Tip #3
Tips for a successful, expedient divorce blogIn many Arizona Divorces, children become the true victims of a failed marriage.  Both parties in a divorce have issues and concerns.  However, it is important to not forget about the welfare of the children.
The divorcing spouses should make a list of visitation options and, if possible, should attempt to amicably discuss these options with the other spouse.  The goal of these discussions should be to provide post-divorce stability for the children.  Divorce is going to be a new experience for them and the parents, though they have their own issues, should prioritize the needs of their children. 
Additionally, you should also know all the important details of your children’s lives.  This is important for both spouses to know.  Details of their children’s lives such as: doctors, teachers, and friends? What after-school activities are they involved with and all other extracurriculars?  Therefore, if a parent doesn’t know these things, now if the time to find out this information.
Arizona Divorce Tip #4
Last, every divorce carries a design or a story or maybe sticking points which resulted in the erosion of the marriage and divorce filing in the very first place. These range from raising apart as the children have aged and every parent life a different life outside the participation of theirs with the kids to an affair to addiction. You name it, and also it’s most likely resulted in a divorce. 
Nevertheless, many litigants never stop thinking about the particulars that have caused this divorce.  Additionally, they have likely uber focused on this with their divorce attorney. Without carefully identifying the characteristics which resulted in the description in the marriage as well as the divorce filing, the divorce process itself usually turns into the mechanism to punish and attempt to fix the past.
What’s lost is in exactly the same time it’s punishing the punisher regarding lost time in going on in everyday living, the pressure of living under litigation, so the cash. Identifying the divorce dynamic(s) and browsing around it(them) to the extent possible is the true secret to a softer, quicker and also much less expensive divorce.
Arizona Divorce Tip #5
A divorce is one of the most stressful life events anyone can go through. It tends to bring out the worst in people–especially if it’s a messy divorce.  You should always be on your best behavior both in court and outside of court.  Anything that you do will be brought up by the spouse you are divorcing and their divorce attorney.
Most Arizona divorces have spouses fighting over assets, parenting time, alimony, and child custody.  Therefore, you must know that the judge in your divorce will scrutinize everything you do. Thus, this is not the time to go off the deep end.  This is the precise time that you be on your best behavior.
Steps that you can take to assure that you stay in control include:  staying in control in social settings, avoid losing your cool or patience, don’t abuse alcohol or drugs, absolutely no domestic violence, and make sure not to say anything or text anything that you don’t want presented against you in your divorce.  Additionally, you may also choose to put your love life on hold until proceedings have passed.

Another tip? Be careful what you post on social media or send in emails. Anything malicious you say about your soon-to-be-ex may come back to haunt you in court.

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