Unhappy Marriages May Lead
to Poor Health

Can staying in an unhealthy relationship actually be unhealthy? If you are stuck in an unhappy marriage, it could actually be bad for your health. Making a choice to stay in bad relationship may be as damaging as other bad health choices. Remaining in an unhappy relationship can affect both your physical and your emotional well being. Some of the factors in a bad marriage that can lead to health problems include: prolonged stress, depression, and poor self-esteem — these products of a bad relationship do have an impact on your body and your immune system.

Unhappy Marriages May Lead to Poor HealthIt’s proven that happiness boosts healthiness— good relationships can help to produce a healthful, longer life; also, the the converse may also be true. Think about it. Headaches, feeling anxious, depression, and insomnia can all be a bi-product of being in a poor relationship or dare I say a true “unhealthy relationship”. These symptoms could all be caused by being involved in a bad relationship or a bad marriage.

If you are suffering from additional stress or illness, excessive stress caused by being in an unhealthy relationship can actually cause and/or worsen illnesses and contribute to fatigue. A body can respond to trauma, conflict, and stress with an increase in overall health problems. Studies have proven that individuals who; surround themselves with positive people and are in a relationship that is gratifying, have a lesser chance of physical illnesses than those who felt they were “stuck” in an unhappy relationship.

People involved in unhealthy relationships who refuse to kick the bad relationship habit are the ones who are at an increase for the risk of health problems. Not only can unstable relationships create difficult health problems but it can make existing illnesses worse. Sometimes the only way to heal a relationship and an illness is through proper care and attention. Both an illness and an unstable relationship can benefit from additional care and attention. For an unhealthy body, many people choose to see a doctor, for an unhealthy relationship individuals may choose to seek the advice of a family law attorney.

Individuals involved in bad relationships also tend to have other bad health habits. Does it not make sense to quit smoking if a doctor told you years of damage caused by cigarette smoke will give you cancer? Well, it may take quitting a marriage in order to preserve your health and improve your attitude and longevity. This isn’t to say that all marriages are as unhealthy as smoking but some marriages may be. If you find yourself in such a marriage, you should consider talking to an experienced family law lawyer. Get your questions answered, find out what may be the best course of action for you to remove yourself from your unhealthy marriage.

It may be time for you to deal with matters of the heart. In your marriage, is your heart happy? If you aren’t heart healthy and if your marriage is creating problems with your health and well-being, it may be time to get rid of the negative, the problems, and the stress. Your heart may be happier and healthier. Don’t you deserve a healthy life and a happy relationship?