Will COVID-19 Create More Births or Divorces?

As more and more businesses are forced to close or restrict their services, people worldwide can’t participate in their favorite hobbies and pastimes. Gatherings of ten or more are discouraged, and there are only so many times you can rewatch The Office. Millions are suffering financially, but some businesses are unintendedly reaping the benefits- and it’s not just Charmin and Purell.

                Now that many Americans are working from home, less, or not at all, they have more time to spend with their partners. Some will also naturally seek intimacy during stressful times. The American condom brand Promescent has reported sales increases of over 50%, and even more on some related items such as lubricant. Condoms are sold out in Singapore. Even for those who do have access to these products, birth control sometimes fails. Sociologists expect to see a baby boom around December 2020. Then, on November 30, 2033, we must prepare for the rise of the quarantines. This demographic may still be outnumbered by another group- those who divorced as a result of Coronavirus quarantining.

the effects of COVID-19 on divorce

                The prospect of nearly unlimited time with their spouse may not be a silver lining for everyone. Being at home may only offer additional opportunities for bickering for those in unhappy marriages. It is no wonder that all of the letters in COVID can be found in “divorce.” Family lawyers already see a bump in divorce interest after the holidays, when families are similarly isolated together. Family law firms should be prepared for an increased need for consultations.

                If the thought of being stuck at home in your marital bed fills you with marital dread, you probably understand why legal services were declared essential services in Arizona. Even if things are blissful at home now, having a child means the potential necessity of establishing paternity, parenting agreements, etc. Family law firms need to be prepared for an increased need for consultations as a result of Coronavirus quarantining.

                If you have an urgent family law matter, you can still seek help. Our office offers free telephonic consultations so you can learn your options risk-free.