Filing Divorce in Mesa, Arizona

Mesa Divorce Lawyers

Mesa Divorce Lawyers

My AZ Family Law Lawyers is a trusted Mesa Divorce law firm and will successfully represent your Mesa divorce.

Mesa divorce lawyers can help you if you are facing; Divorce, or dissolution of marriage, is the legal process when a marriage ends.  Our Mesa divorce lawyers can help guide you through the sometimes complex steps of filing for divorce in Mesa, Arizona.  At My AZ Lawyers, we want to help you define what you are hoping to achieve through filing for divorce.

In addition, our Mesa divorce lawyers want you to have a solid understanding of your rights and responsibilities when filing for divorce in Mesa, AZ.  We have handled hundreds of divorces and know the Arizona family law system well.  We will also help you identify options that you might not have known were available.

To resolve issues that may accompany a divorce, it is important you seek experienced Mesa Divorce representation.  Because each case is different, My AZ Family Law Lawyers are prepared to protect your rights and represent your best interests no matter what family matters arise.

Furthermore, divorce in Mesa does not usually present itself alone.  Additional issues seem to always come along with every divorce.  Some of those issues include a myriad of other family law issues that can accompany a divorce.

Some of the things that may also happen when filing for divorce in Mesa, Arizona include:

  • Alimony / Spousal Support in Mesa, Arizona.
  • Child custody in Mesa, AZ.
  • Child visitation / parenting time in Mesa.
  • Division of marital assets, property, and debts in mesa, Arizona.

Because Arizona is a no-fault divorce state, if there is no reasonable prospect of reconciliation and a marriage is broken, a spouse may request that a divorce be granted.  Our attorneys know the Mesa divorce law.  We know the courts, judges, and process.  Our team works to provide you with expert and trusted representation, information, and options to resolve your divorce issues.

Contact Arizona Attorney Candace Kallen at My AZ Lawyers if you are considering divorce and need a Mesa Arizona Family Lawyer to assist.  Ms. Kallen understands that it is important to hire an attorney to help you through the process and help you with documents, court appearances, and negotiations.  She understands the ins and outs of divorce proceedings because she has experience in helping clients in Mesa, Arizona.  Having gone through a divorce, Ms. Kallen is understanding, but more importantly, ready to fight for your rights and get your desired outcome in the case.


Debt and Assets accrued during the Marriage

In a Mesa divorce, debt and assets accrued during the marriage are divided equally.  My AZ Family Law Lawyers are understanding of your divorce, but will be aggressive when protecting your rights and obtaining an equitable division of property.  If spousal maintenance issues, child custody/visitation, or business and assist valuations need to be resolved, you need an experienced Mesa divorce lawyer.

Filing Divorce in Mesa

To file divorce in Mesa,  you or your spouse must have lived in Arizona for at least 90 days before filing of the case.  Generally the time period is six months if your case involves family law issues such as child support or custody.  After your initial consultation, our attorney will be able to better provide you with an idea of how long your case might take.  Sometimes a simple divorce can be final in 90 days.  A more complex divorce may take longer.

Take advantage of My AZ Family Law Lawyers FREE CONSULTATION.  Schedule your free initial, no obligation consultation with an experienced Mesa divorce attorney.

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The Mesa divorce lawyers at My Arizona Lawyers work diligently to keep our fees low while aggressively representing the best interest of our clients.  Our experienced Mesa family law attorneys and staff are here to work with you every step of the way.  No matter how big or small your case, our dedicated Mesa family law staff will provide full support and guidance throughout the process.  

We know that this is a stressful time for you and your family.  Let our family friendly law office relieve some of the stresses brought on by divorce, child support arguments, paternity issues, restraining orders, child custody issues, asset protection, or spousal maintenance questions.  Our experienced Mesa attorneys have helped thousands of people in Mesa and throughout the East Valley of Phoenix with family law issues.