Keeping Your Privacy In a High Asset Divorce

Keeping Your Privacy In a High Asset Divorce High Net Worth Divorce: Tips For Ensuring Your Business’s Privacy In Arizona One of the most stressful parts about a divorce is your personal business being dragged out for scrutiny in a public arena. The higher profile your case is, the more difficult it can be to … Read more

Who Gets the Engagement Ring?

Who Gets to Keep The Engagement Ring

Who Gets the Engagement Ring? A Quick Background On Gifts Usually, when a valid legal gift (also known as inter vivos gifts) is made from one person to another, the gift is irrevocable. Unlike when you were a child, there may be “no take-backs” allowed. If a legal dispute arises about whether or not a … Read more

Husband Granted Car In Divorce


Q: In my divorce, my husband was granted the car although the loan is in my name. He is 5 days late in making payment…violation? Can I enforce the divorce decree or take possession of the car, in the state of Arizona, if he is only 5 days late? OR at what point can I … Read more